$0 Transaction fee !Limited Time Welcome Offer!

Dear JPEX Users,

In the recent crypto bear market of the past month, JPEX has achieved exceptional performance, the number of users has increased significantly, and new user registrations have surged on the platform. JPEX offers access to the cryptocurrency markets 24/7/365. The technical department continues to optimize our system to provide users with an unimpeded trading experience. We have been committed to providing users with safe and convenient trading services. All R&D-projects have been evaluated by JPEX risk control system to ensure that all products comply with our supervision. 

At present, the JPEX Aid Fund has provided assistance to more than 800 users, hoping to help those users who have been suffering from withdrawal issues from other crypto exchanges to make it through in the bear market and bring positive energy. Please see the previous announcement below for more details:


Meanwhile, in order to thank users for their support, JPEX will provide the limited-time welcome offer to our users as below:

  • Campaign Details: Bitcoin, Ethereum, JPC spot trading Zero transaction fee
  • Campaign Period: 00:00, Nov 25, 2022 (GMT+8) – 23:59, Dec 25, 2022 (GMT+8).
  • Campaign Rule: New registered users during campaign period and Passed KYC

Thanks for your support!

JPEX Team 


JPEX reserves all rights in this announcement, including but not limited to, the right to adjust, interpret and terminate it at any time without prior notice.


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