3 Reddit discussion boards to help you keep abreast of cryptocurrency trends|JPEX

The Reddit platform has gathered cryptocurrency investors from all over the world, and once gathered the power of everyone to hype up legends in the currency circle such as “Dogecoin”. Want to keep abreast of market conditions? JPEX introduces 3 of the most popular Reddit cryptocurrency discussion boards below.

How to catch the next hundred times coins? Top 3 Popular Reddit Discussion Board Recommendations

Reddit is a popular discussion forum that gathers global information, with 430 million monthly active users, and there are countless subreddits related to cryptocurrencies.

Reddit connects people with the pulse of the entire cryptocurrency world. Each digital currency has its own Subreddits, forming a rich investment ecosystem and providing a wide range of information exchange space. If you are a beginner of cryptocurrency, want to know more about the operation concept of cryptocurrency, or want to catch the trend of cryptocurrency market, you may as well start following the following 3 Subreddits immediately, it will definitely benefit you a lot!

1.r/ BITCOINBEGINNERS – Basic information for beginners

Subscribers: 1 million
This discussion area is definitely the focus of cryptocurrency beginners. It provides a lot of basic concepts of cryptocurrencies. If you haven’t understood the characteristics of different cryptocurrencies, or even don’t know the difference between Dogecoin and Ethereum, then this discussion The area will answer your questions in detail and help you take your first steps into the cryptocurrency world.

2.r/ CRYPTOCURRENCIES – Cryptocurrency platform tracking

Subscribers: 360,000
This is the most comprehensive channel for learning cryptocurrencies, because it provides the latest topics of global cryptocurrency trading platforms, such as the latest trends, listing information, or related news releases of the platform, helping readers track cryptocurrency platforms from multiple angles. Market dynamics and development, so as to further grasp the characteristics of investment and trading on various platforms.

3.R/ DEFI – Mastering the Concept of “Decentralized Finance”

Subscribers: 100,000
DeFi is an acronym for “decentralized finance”, and this forum is dedicated to discussing the “decentralized” technology behind the operation of cryptocurrencies, or some systems that support open finance, such as blockchain technology. If you are interested in researching technologies related to understanding how decentralized finance works, this discussion forum is perfect for you.