4 U.S. chiefs stated that they want “bitcoin pay”

The Mayor of Miami Surez stated on Twitter that he would accept Bitcoin (BTC) for salary, which caused a contest between the mayors. Following the nod of New York Mayor Adams, the mayors of Tampa and Jackson also expressed their opinions on Twitter. Follow-up, so far four US cities have competed with each other, intending to become the best capital of encryption.

The cryptocurrency leader Bitcoin (BTC) is becoming a trend among the mayors of the United States. Following the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, the mayor of Tapa, Florida, Jane. Both Jane Castor and Jackson County Governor Scott Conger of Tennessee have officially announced that they will accept the BTC salary challenge.

Two county mayors announced follow-up

Mayor of Miami Francis. Francis Suarez’s “BTC Payroll Call” on Twitter not only attracted the mayor of New York, this time even the mayor of Tampa, Jane. Kester joined the battle, Kester said below the tweet:

Sorry for being late, we (Tampa City Council) have been busy preparing for today’s cryptocurrency conference, of course I am willing to accept the challenge!

Caster also added Hashtags at the bottom, such as “Forbes Most Embracing Technological Innovation City”, “Florida Technology Capital”, and “Technology City”. Tampa further stated that BTC plays a leading role in everything from sports to technology. Tampa has no reason not to choose BTC, and it is ready to become the next hot spot in cryptocurrency.


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