BAPE (Baby-Ape Coin) live on JPEX

BAPE (Baby-Ape Coin) live on JPEX

The platform will launch BAPE on August 12, 2022 at 20:00 (GMT+8)

Project Description:

Baby-Ape is a collection of 2888 unique Pixel Ape NFTs, the only way to get NFTs is to put 100,000 $BAPE into the Wishing Pool. All $BAPE in the Wishing Pool will be burned, a total of $288,800,000 BAPE is required to take all Baby-Ape NFTs out of the Wishing Pool, which means 28.8% of the total $BAPE supply will be used for the birth of Baby-Ape NFTs.

Automatic burning mechanism
Baby-Ape’s royalties are 8%, 50% of which will be repurchased $BAPE in the market and burned quarterly, ensuring our long-term success and stability. Therefore, every on-chain transaction burns $BAPE tokens.

51.12% of tokens ($511,200,000 BAPE) will be locked in liquidity and will be unlocked in the next 10 quarters after two years. At each unlock time, 5.112% of $BAPE will be released from liquidity.
Therefore, the locked liquidity will end in 4.5 years.

Project : Baby-Ape Coin
Code : BAPE

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