“BTC45s Battle Streak Event Competition”

“BTC45s Bull and Bear Battle Streak Event Competition”

BTC45s Battle Streak Event (#85)

Target: JPEX users

Time: 00:00 (GMT +8),August 01, 2022 to 23:59 (GMT +8), August 07, 2022

How to play: The highest number of consecutive wins in the 45S PND contract is the winner (only the winning streaks are counted, not the amount)

There are ten awards

First place: USDT x 5000

Second place: USDT x 3000

Third place: USDT x 1000

Fourth place: USDT x 50

5th to 10th place: USDT x 20

Settlement according to the ranking displayed by the system, the same ranking will be determined by the system.

JPEX owns the final interpretation right of this event

The JPEX team has been listening attentively and serving you

Sincerely, JPEX team

July 31 , 2022


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