Code of Ethics

The board of directors of JPEX Crypto Platform (hereafter referred to as “our Company”) have established and enacted a Code of Ethics to be strictly observed and adhered to by all directors, executives, as well as all persons employed by our Company and subsidiaries of our Company, etc. (hereafter referred to as “Executives and Employees”).

1.Strict observance of company standards and laws, etc.

Our Company shall properly comprehend all laws, ordinances, regulations, etc. regarding the business of virtual currency exchange and trade, in order to protect users and to ensure the fairness of their transactions. Our Company shall strictly observe and obey all such laws, ordinances, regulations, etc. while conforming to general and prevailing social standards, and be able to maintain the proper social consciousness and ethical common sense to supplement any aspects which are not covered by these laws, ordinances, regulations, etc., and execute such actions.

  1. Maintain social order and contribute to society

Our Company shall, in accordance with good corporate citizenship, proactively participate in societal activities, contribute to the maintenance and stability of social order, confront influences and organizations which conduct anti-social activities with the utmost resolution, and shall not conduct any transactions of any kind with such entities.

  1. Prevent any conflicts of interest

The Executives and Employees shall not cause any conflicts of interest with our Company in regard to its business and shall not take any actions which may cause such conflicts. Furthermore, the Executives and Employees, shall not gain any unjust profits through the use of information gained via the use or abuse of status, authority, or occupation.

  1. Observe the duty of confidentiality and information management

The Executives and Employees shall protect and manage all information regarding legally required disclosure, etc., and excepting any information which has been allowed to be disclosed according to internal regulations, etc., regarding the disclosure of information, all such information acquired during the course of business shall be managed with the greatest possible care and caution and strictly protected as confidential information.

  1. Act in a manner which prioritizes the benefit of the users

The Executives and Employees shall always take into consideration and act in a manner which provides the greatest benefit to the users.

  1. Regarding business operations to always consider the customers first

The Executives and Employees shall always prioritize the needs and benefits of the customer, endeavor to always consider the customer first when conducting business, and conduct business in a sincere and fair manner.

The Executives and Employees shall never provide a benefit or advantage to a specific user through the use of corporate authority or position or the use of information which can provide a comparative advantage.

  1. Fair trade and transactions

The Executives and Employees shall respect and observe the fair-trade practices of the jurisdiction within which they operate their business, and shall endeavor to treat all users, traders, competitors, and Executives and Employees with impartiality and fairness.

  1. Proper maintenance and use of company assets

The assets of our Company and subsidiaries of our Company shall be utilized only for legitimate and proper uses. Furthermore, the Executives and Employees shall manage our Company’s assets and use them in a valid and effective manner.

  1. Public release

The Executives and Employees, shall, in the event of publicly releasing information regarding our Company or our Company’s business, through published media, lectures, or other form of material gathering, etc., strictly adhere to guidelines designated by our Company.

  1. Improve awareness of our mission of social responsibility, as well as the soundness and reliability of the virtual currency market

The Executives and Employees shall properly comprehend the fairness and soundness of the virtual currency market, and never act in a manner which may obstruct the sound and healthy development of the virtual currency market. Furthermore, through our endeavors to maintain the health and soundness of the virtual currency market, we shall be aware of our mission of social responsibility and act accordingly.

We shall not conduct any inappropriate acts which impair the health and soundness of the virtual currency market, such as by improperly disclosing information, or conducting in any acts which distort the proper price formations, etc.


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