DAO Shareholder Dividend Program – Referendum Results

Dear JPEX Users,

The referendum for the 【DAO Shareholder Dividend Scheme】was completed on September 28, 2023, at 20:00 GMT+8. After thorough data verification, it has been determined that 68% of users have voted in favor of the program. As a platform, we highly respect the decision made by our users. Therefore, starting from October 4, 2023, at 00:00 GMT+8, we will progressively implement the 【DAO Shareholder Dividend Scheme】in phases to complete the comprehensive adjustment of JPEX and provide our shareholders and users with an enhanced trading experience.

Upon the program’s implementation, users who have agreed to participate in the 【DAO Shareholder Dividend Scheme】 will receive dividends from the platform in various aspects, including:

  • Dividends from the listing fees of new platform tokens.
  • Dividends from trading fees generated by spot and derivative products.
  • Distribution of corresponding JPEX platform coin (JPC) based on the proportion of the shareholder’s dividends.
  • The remaining USDT in the JPC Vault will be distributed periodically to the holders according to their dividend proportions.
    The daily distribution of USDT profits from the JPC Vault will cease after the program’s implementation, while the 12% APY of JPC will remain unaffected.

Furthermore, the platform will transition to operate in a DAO format, granting voting rights to all holders of the 【DAO Shareholder Dividend Scheme】. They will have the opportunity to participate in platform decision-making through public voting.

Our approach is formulated and optimized with reference to a large number of past records, such as attacks on international Bitfinex and other platforms, as well as the recent large wallet theft case of MIXIN.

Currently, our team is actively negotiating with third-party market makers and aiming to release funds promptly for the platform’s adjustment work. We also commit that, after the program’s implementation, all profits apart from the dividend portion will be used for repurchasing DAO dividends held by users.

The platform will also allocate additional resources to expedite the establishment of C2C trading and implement other feasible measures to increase platform revenue, thereby creating more profit-sharing opportunities for all supportive DAO shareholders.

Through this shift in operational model, we aim to involve more users in overseeing and improving the platform’s development direction and business strategies. With the collective efforts of the JPEX team and our shareholders, we strive to overcome current challenges, complete the necessary adjustments, and continue providing high-quality cryptocurrency trading services to users worldwide.

We remain dedicated to our original vision and will continue operating, upholding our positions, and promoting the development of the blockchain industry and Web3.0.

Thank you for your ongoing support for the platform.

October 4, 2023


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