Deposit Failure to JPEX

If you recharge the wrong currency to your address in JPEX

  1. If the user fills the wrong address in the process of operation, recovery service is generally not provided.
  2. In order to redeem the serious losses caused by the incorrect operation of the client, JPEX will help you to recover it within the controllable cost range. Because retrieving operation needs a lot of manpower cost, time cost and risk control cost.
  3. Please contact the customer service and provide the situation, your account, currency, address, quantity, txid(very important), and screenshot with recharge information. We will reply in time and determine whether it meets the recovery requirements.
  4. If it is possible to retrieve the wrong currency, we need to install or upgrade the wallet software, export and import the private key and other operations. Only very high authority personnel can perform the operation, and need to be subject to strict risk control audit. The whole process will take at least one month or longer. Please be patient.


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