Derivatives Cross Margin Launched

Dear JPEX Users

JPEX is committed to meeting the different needs of its users.  

Because of the increasingly active contract trading market, the platform will add a more flexible cross-margin mode. This will help users choose a contract trading method that suits their investment habits based on the risk pressure which can help them obtain greater profits. 

In the cross-margin mode, the stablecoin from Tether Limited in the form of the United States Dollar Tether (USDT) in the users’ contract wallet will be shared by the contract transaction orders of all currency pairs. 

If the principal of the contract order opened by a user is insufficient, the system will directly use the remaining balance in the contract wallet. The USDT asset is used as a margin to ensure that the order continues to avoid being forced out due to insufficient margin. 

However, users should note that the profits of all unclosed contract orders cannot be directly used to offset the losses of unclosed orders.

The user must first perform the liquidation operation and the profit obtained can only be used as a margin after it is returned to the contract wallet. 

At the same time, in the cross-margin mode, the leverage ratio of the contract order will change according to the user’s margin and USDT available balance. 

When the margin and USDT available balances are higher, your order will display a lower leverage ratio. 

Thanks for your support!

JPEX team


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