Earn launched

Earn launched

The IAIA in the cryptocurrency world refers to the use of the difference in currency prices of major exchanges at a specific time to buy coins from low-priced exchanges and then quickly recharge to sell at high-priced exchanges to quickly earn Spreads.
Although the process sounds simple, in practice, it often encounters multiple risks in actual operation:

Recharge to account is slow and currency price fluctuates greatly.
Since the encrypted currency is transmitted through the blockchain, sometimes when your currency has not been recharged to the exchange, the currency price has dropped.
At a critical moment the platform fails due to its own reasons.
Basically, due to server performance reasons, all centralized exchanges often experience downtime when access suddenly increases. Lead you to miss the opportunity to earn the difference.

And the trading volume of small exchanges is insufficient, and the coins you recharge in the past may not be sold because of insufficient depth.

Fees and exchange rate differences lead to a significant increase in costs
Different exchanges have different procedure fees, and the exchange rate difference when buying cryptocurrencies is large, so that when you move the bricks, you may have to pay all the money to pay the handling fee

Therefore, JPEX launched an artificial intelligence automatic mobile arbitrage program, the purpose is to allow ordinary investors to use the least amount of money to maximize their profits. JPEX capital strength background, and cooperate with the Australian government to issue compliant and legal operation permits, so as to ensure that all investors get the safest and most profitable investment environment


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