How to buy and sell USDT in Taiwan?:  A detailed course from JPEX exchange to buy, deposit and withdraw coins

At the end of 2020, stablecoins (USDT), blockchain and virtual currencies became more and more popular, and people entered the virtual currency world one after another to conduct the first stablecoin transactions. USDT is currently the stable currency with the largest circulation and transaction volume, and its value is guaranteed by legal currency, so the risk of USDT trading is lower than that of other virtual currencies. At that time, the cryptocurrency market was experiencing explosive growth and there was a lot of discussion around the world. Gradually, the emergence of blockchain applications such as virtual world (metaverse), NFT, and DeFi has made people think that the virtual currency industry has huge business opportunities.

Virtual currency technology is a big trend in the future, allowing us to move towards the next Internet generation (Web 3.0). We believe that in the future, cryptocurrencies will continue to shine, and there will be more unexpected and more diverse magical application scenarios. Now, let USDT exchange JPEX provide you with comprehensive teaching, introduce more information about stablecoin trading, how to buy and sell USDT on JPEX, USDT deposit and withdrawal methods and the risks of USDT, let us officially start!

What are stablecoins?

Regardless of whether you have entered crypto currency trading or not, you will have heard the word “Bitcoin”, but maybe unfamiliar with what is USDT or a Stablecoin. Though, stablecoins can be regarded as an entry ticket or a shelter to the cryptocurrency world.

In Taiwan, the most common stablecoins are USDT, followed by USDC and BUSD. Because stablecoins are usually linked to fiat currencies, it is the exchange rate pegged to the U.S. dollar maintained at around 1:1, so the price of one stablecoin is usually $1. The reason why stablecoins can be pegged to the US dollar is that stablecoin companies will deposit the corresponding US dollars in their bank accounts to support the cryptocurrency stablecoins they issue. If they issued a million USDC stablecoins, they would deposit a million dollars in their bank accounts, thus backing the actual value of the stablecoins.

Stablecoin Tickets

When most people first enter the cryptocurrency market, they buy and sell stablecoins (hereinafter referred to as USDT) through exchanges. The exchange is the fastest way to transact USDT in Taiwan. You only need to spend a few minutes downloading the exchange APP, registering an account, passing KYC certification, and then to buy USDT. After purchasing USDT, you can find various currency trading pairs in the interface of the APP. For example, if you want to trade Bitcoin with USDT, you can choose the BTC/USDT trading pair, and successfully use USDT to buy Bitcoin with a simple transaction.

Stablecoin Currency Shelter

As a “wind shelter” in the virtual currency world, USDT’s value is very stable, and the value of each USDT is mainly maintained at 1 US dollar. Compared with Bitcoin, a crypto currency that fluctuates by 5-10% or more every day, the value of USDT is indeed very stable. Therefore, the purpose of stablecoins is to effectively hedge against risks by forming trading pairs with other currencies and USDT when the market environment deteriorates.

Stablecoin Trends 2017-2022

The following chart illustrates the actual situation of the world’s 10 largest stablecoins and the changes in their market capitalization from 2017 to 2022. The market value of stablecoins only increased slightly from March 2017 to 2020, but starting from April 2020, the market value of USDT began to show a clear growth trend. By the end of 2020, the market value of other stablecoins also began to grow till 2021. In January 2019, the market value of the top 10 stablecoins in the world was about $36.23 billion, and after 4 months, the market value increased to about $102.61 billion, an increase of 300%; in April 2022, we saw the total market value of stablecoins The market cap increased from $104.97 billion to $162.91 billion, an increase of 55.2%. From the above trends, we can all witness the growth of stablecoins, a substantial increase in demand, and people’s expectations for stablecoins.

usdt買賣 趨勢

How to deposit funds to buy USDT in Taiwan?

You can choose the Taiwan USDT exchange to buy and sell USDT, take JPEX as an example, first you need to download the JPEX app in the app store, then open the app and complete the registration. For those who are new to currency trading, they can choose to buy USDT with VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, but the handling fee for buying USDT with a credit card is relatively high, and the cheaper method is to use the OTC (over-the-counter exchange) service. Some cryptocurrency exchange shops can help you buy and sell USDT, you only need to buy USDT from the staff, they will deposit USDT to your JPEX account address according to your price, and then you can buy USDT and trade in JPEX!


Simple process of opening an account and buying and selling USDT on JPEX

1. Go to Apple App Store or Andriod Google Play Store to download JPEX Exchange

2. Open the JPEX app to register*

3. Choose to buy and sell USDT by credit card or OTC

*You can get a $30 rebate after successful KYC, if you don’t complete KYC, you can buy and sell USD normally

JPEX withdrawal method

In fact, it is not very complicated to withdraw money on JPEX. You can handle the withdrawal process through OTC (over-the-counter exchange) as well. OTC is like a cryptocurrency exchange store. You only need to transfer USDT in your hand to the merchant then you can withdraw it instantly. Compared with online transactions, you can see the staff serving you with your own eyes, with high transparency and no fear of security issues. OTC is a recommended way to withdraw funds for beginners. If you have a USDT wallet, you can also choose to withdraw USDT from JPEX to your USDT wallet.

If you want to know more advanced functions of JPEX (EARN, DeFi wealth management, contracts, etc.), please check it now: JPEX FAQ


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Disclaimer: Investment involves risks. The price of cryptocurrencies often fluctuates greatly. The price can go up or down, or the value might even hit zero. You must understand clearly, the risk tolerance level you are willing to accept before making any investments.


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