JP Chain Node Detail introduction I

Dear JPEX users,

In response to the dynamic growth of the global cryptocurrency market and to expand the influence of the JPEX blockchain ecosystem, our platform has decided to launch a public chain, JP Chain, featuring JPC as its native token.

JP Chain will employ the Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain consensus mechanism, which selects a node to create a new block based on the node’s number of tokens and time. This mechanism offers advantages regarding energy efficiency, security, and resistance to centralisation.

At the core of JP Chain is “sharding technology”:

Sharding involves dividing a large database into smaller segments to enhance performance, scalability, and fault tolerance. It is commonly used in e-commerce, social networking, and extensive enterprise applications. The primary objective of JP Chain is to offer applications for the broader market and everyday life, with a comprehensive underlying public chain designed to handle massive data and high concurrency demands in the future.

Key features of sharding technology include:

  • Horizontal Scaling: Sharding technology effectively increases the performance and capacity of applications by distributing data across multiple nodes. This contrasts with vertical scaling, which improves performance by augmenting a single node’s resources (such as CPU, memory, and disk space).
  • Data Independence: Each shard independently stores and manages a portion of the data, enhancing the database’s availability and fault tolerance. Should an issue arise with a single shard, other shards can continue to function normally.
  • Sharding Strategy: Depending on application requirements and data characteristics, range sharding technology can employ various strategies for data distribution, dividing data into six broad ranges on the main chain and distributing them across different sharding sub-chains.

In the JP Chain, JP Nodes will be classified into the following six types:

  • MainNet Node
  • Verify Node
  • Fin Node
  • Game Node
  • SmartContract & D-App Store (decentralised contract and program development)
  • Storage Node

Further details on JP Nodes will be updated regularly. Please stay tuned for platform announcements.

Thank you for your support!

JPEX team



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