JP Chain Node Detail introduction II

Dear JPEX users,

JPEX is set to launch the decentralized public chain, JP Chain. We have previously introduced the Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain consensus mechanism and the features of the Sharding technology used. In this article, we will introduce the primary component of the mechanism, the JP Node.

JP Node will be categorized into six main types, with details as follows:

  • MainNet Node:
    Responsible for block creation and reward distribution tasks for the entire public blockchain and secondary verification of transactions and tasks on the chain, including transaction format and digital signature checks.

    Transaction fees and the release of new tokens serve as rewards for nodes that create blocks, incentivizing participants to maintain the security and integrity of the blockchain and perform on-chain supervision.
  • Verify Node:
    Conducts comprehensive inspections of the entire blockchain and all transactions, individually checking transaction formats, digital signatures, and double spending. Transactions are only included in the blockchain after ensuring their legality and correctness.

    When a new node joins the public blockchain network, the Verify Node must synchronize the block data with other nodes, ensuring that the new node obtains the latest blockchain status and transaction data.

    Upon completion of new node and transaction verifications, the Verify Node sends the data to the MainNet Node for broadcasting and updating.
  • Fin Node:
    Executes and verifies transactions for daily financial activities, including payments, asset transfers, and maintenance of financial smart contracts generated by decentralized program development nodes. Once transactions are completed, the Fin Node packages the processed block and sends it to the Verify Node.

    The Fin Node also manages and maintains the decentralized public ledger by processing and updating asset balances in all addresses.
  • Game Node:
    Handles, verifies, and confirms in-game transactions for JP Planet metaverse games, such as purchasing virtual items and in-game currency exchanges. The nodes also store blockchain data, including player assets, game progress, leaderboards, etc., encrypting and distributing them across multiple nodes to ensure data security and tamper resistance.

    Game nodes execute game-specific smart contracts, automating and verifying game processes while reducing the intervention of game developers and operators.

    Additional responsibilities of the game chain processing nodes include maintaining network security, preventing cheating, external attacks, and data tampering. Decentralized cooperation between game nodes increases attack difficulty, enhancing game security.
  • SmartContract & D-App Node:
    Executes and processes transactions for smart contracts and decentralized applications while performing innovative block verification.

    These nodes also support the development and maintenance of smart contract and D-App infrastructure, assisting D-App developers in accessing and utilizing the blockchain network more efficiently.
  • Storage Access Node:
    Offers storage space, data retrieval, and other functions for users in need. Node participants must have high-speed internet connections and strong data retrieval capabilities to deliver fast and efficient services.

    Storage Access Nodes must also perform verification functions to ensure the integrity and availability of stored and retrieved data, maintaining the security and stability of the entire network.

Node participants jointly manage the JP Chain ecosystem, each playing a vital role in network decentralization. They can also initiate votes on network upgrades, parameter adjustments, and governance proposals, enhancing the security and stability of the entire chain.

To encourage node participants to maintain and monitor the ecosystem, they can obtain equitable benefits corresponding to their responsibilities and rights. Nodes that violate the rules may face penalties or have their assets confiscated.

Details about reward and punishment mechanisms will be provided in future announcements.

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