JP Chain Node Detail introduction III

Dear JPEX users,

JPEX has announced the launch of its public blockchain, JP Chain, with JPC as the native token. The platform aims to meet the increasing demand for cryptocurrency usage and transactions worldwide. Furthermore, it hopes to expand the scope of blockchain technology beyond transaction transmissions, fostering its integration across various industries.

To encourage the diversity of the decentralized public chain JP Chain, the platform has actively collaborated and exchanged technical expertise with leading companies across different sectors. This includes prominent blockchain technology parties in the cryptocurrency market, such as third-party trading platforms, decentralized cryptocurrency wallets, WEB 3.0 technology development teams, and block project incubators. The platform also extends its reach to the OTC trading center, constructing a hub for blockchain and various trading fields to merge decentralized technology with traditional markets.

In line with the core principles of decentralization and balanced market development, JP Chain will distribute nodes between personal staking and staking pools. A specific amount will be released in the MainNet Node for partners to utilize and sell, providing a stable foundation for the public chain.

Eligible partners for the Staking pool extend beyond the blockchain domain to encompass international brand enterprises, public institutions, and medical, financial, and cutting-edge technology industries. Physical commodity sellers, including international online trading platforms, renowned luxury brands, artwork auction transactions, and real estate transactions, will also be involved, propelling JP Chain to keep pace with established transaction methods.

To deepen the market understanding of JP Chain, the platform will grant Staking Pool permissions to partners and organize roadshows of varying sizes to introduce the public chain globally. Additionally, a blog column will feature in-depth analysis articles, while collaborations with various brands will promote the platform on their social channels. This strategy aims to increase the popularity of blockchain technology offline and pave the way for integrating daily life with the WEB 3.0 world.

JP Chain’s participation, operation, and revenue will be allocated to the JPC community and market. The platform invites users and strategic partners to actively engage in becoming part of JP Node in the future, working together to establish a genuinely decentralized blockchain ecosystem.

Updates on the JP Node participation plan will be forthcoming. Users are encouraged to stay tuned for future platform announcements.

Thank you for your support!

JPEX team



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