JP Planet Metaverse Phase 3 and 4 content previews released

Dear JPEX Users,

JPEX is fully committed to building the JP Planet metaverse, and with the launch of the second phase of the NFT YOBI series and its imminent completion, the platform will be releasing the content for the next three and four phases.

The third phase of JP Planet’s NFT series will be themed around equipment and props, and YAMI and YOBI owners will be able to use this series of NFTs to mine JPP resources in the fourth phase, with two modes of mining – “JPP POOL” and “Tax Mode”. These two modes will be activated automatically when the user holds either YAMI or YOBI, along with the Stage 3 NFTs and Stage 4 land.


In Phase 4, the JP Planet NFT series will be based on planet land and its ancillary buildings, and JPEX will allocate a percentage of the total amount of JPP tokens issued to this phase to form the basis of the JPP POOL in Phase 4.


JPEX will allocate 80% of all proceeds from the JP Planet Meta Universe game, which will be called a game tax, to create a “tax mode” to be returned to Meta Universe explorers.

Holders of YAMI and YOBI will be able to tap into the resources in JPP Mining and Tax Mode with the use of Stage 3 props for even greater additional profits.

“How to get it”

Phase 3 and 4 of the NFT series will be dropped for free to YAMI and YOBI holders.

Please stay tuned for future announcements on the platform as more information will be released, gradually revealing a complete JP Planet world for explorers to explore with YAMI and YOBI!

Thank you for your support!

JPEX team


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