JP Planet Phase 1 & 2 NFT Series “YAMI” and “YOBI” Staking is releasing soon

Dear JPEX users,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the forthcoming launch of an NFT Staking system for the first two phases of JP Planet’s NFT series, namely “Yami” and “YOBI.” This new feature is scheduled for release in May and will provide users with an exceptional investment opportunity to stake “YAMI” and “YOBI” NFTs for JPP tokens, thus contributing to the growth and enhancement of the JP Planet ecosystem.

The NFT staking system is an innovative combination that will create entirely new investment prospects for JP Planet ecosystem holders, enabling them to leverage their ‘YAMI’ and ‘YOBI’ NFT assets more effectively. By staking NFT, users will receive a specific number of JPP tokens in return. Furthermore, staking JPC in conjunction with this NFT Staking campaign will produce additional income and foster the sustainable development of the JP Planet ecosystem.

We encourage you to look out for the upcoming launch of ‘YAMI’ and ‘YOBI’ NFT Staking systems in May and stay tuned to JPEX for the latest information and feature updates.

Thank you for your support!



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