JP Planet Phase 3 and 4 airdrop NFT details revealed

Dear JPEX users,

JPEX announced earlier the planning of the third and fourth phases of JP Planet, and this announcement will add more details to the airdrop that will be available to YAMI and YOBI holders.

When a user holds either YAMI or YOBI (or both), they will be rewarded with the NFT series of airdrops in both phases of JP Planet 3 and 4 respectively, and JPEX will also allocate 30% of the total circulation of JPP Meta Cosmic Tokens to the NFT mining resources in Phase 4 of the Planet Land series.

The more YAMI or YOBI you have, the more JP Power you can get, and the higher the rarity of the NFT series you will receive in Stage 4. In the meantime, the more JPP tokens you will carry, the faster your mining speed will be.

The list of available drop planet lands is as follows.

The number of YAMIs or YOBIs the holders have will be announced after each stage starts and the drop will be made within 14 days of the announcement, users will be able to check the NFT drop in the JPEX NFT Trading System Gallery and will be able to activate all the game features attached to all NFT series in the game once it is launched.

Please look forward to the announcement and join YAMI and YOBI in exploring the vast world of the JP Planet metaverse.

Thank you for your support!

JPEX team


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