JPC Airdrop Update

JPC Airdrop update and basic introduction

The JPEX airdrop activity schedule has been updated. We will conduct our platform currency airdrop activity on April 17 to accounts that have been authenticated on the platform.

Users are requested to complete the identity verification before 23:59 on April 10th as soon as possible, and the platform will take a snapshot at 00:00 on April 11th to lock qualified users.

The number of airdrops will be distributed according to the user’s level

Rank & JPC Airdrop

Dragon III — 5,000,000 JPC

Dragon II — 4,000,000 JPC

Dragon — 3,000,000 JPC

Tiger — 2,000,000 JPC

Vermillion — 1,500,000 JPC

Tortoise —1,000,000 JPC

Beginner — 500,000 JPC

The practical application design of JPC is in line with the development of the JPEX platform. We will put it in the ecological application of the platform. Both token holders and pledge ecology can provide the platform with efficiency and operation power, and also bring more benefits to token holders.

The JPC blockchain system is ERC-20

– Transaction fee waiver

– Support JPEX game lobby exchange

– Pay JPC on-chain transaction fees

– Pledge on the user account level to get more financial benefits

– Pledge the specified amount to get benefits in the friend reward

– Monthly limited gift packs, function cards are issued

– JPC community development plan

– First-time subscription offer for newly listed items

– JPEX platform project voting rights

– Partnership plan subscription rights

– NFT and Metaverse product offers and transaction discounts

– Asset insured increase

The platform will also use JPC revenue for market repurchase, and the JPC after the repurchase will be directly destroyed

JPEX reserves the right to disqualify users who use malicious behaviors for profit, including opening multiple accounts to obtain additional bonuses and other behaviors involving illegal, fraudulent or harmful effects. The platform has the final decision and interpretation rights.


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