JPC Buy Back and Burn Announcement

Dear JPEX user

100% of the profit from the JPEX Crypto platform transaction fee will be used to repurchase JPC,
The repurchased JPC will be destroyed. The destruction mechanism will be launched on November 1, 2022,
The fee profit of JPEX from the first operating quarter to the present will be used to repurchase JPC and burn it.

Token burning is the process of permanently removing a cryptocurrency from circulation, thereby reducing the total supply.

Date: November 1, 2022 00:00
Total repurchase JPC approx: 59,634,592 JPC
Total used amount (USDT): 120,822
Destroyed Transaction ID (TXID): 0xa4d14da16612b5a809e364c5dfa7fa1da3bb2199f23f394bfab0acffdc96693a

With the feedback and support of the community, the JPC destruction mechanism effectively enhances the value of platform tokens, this will help promote the process of JPC’s entire native ecosystem.

JPEX Operations Department
November 1, 2022


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