JPC New Feature Transaction Fee Rebate

Dear JPEX users,

To show our gratitude to JPEX users for their ongoing support, we are excited to announce the launch of a new feature for JPC. This feature allows users to pay all transaction fees using JPC and receive a 30% discount on fees!

To access the feature, simply click on the avatar icon on the homepage of the web or app version. This will take you to the Profile interface, where you can select the “Use JPC to get a discount” option. From there, you can use JPC to pay for Spot, Derivatives, and Cross-margin transaction fees.

Please note that users must have enough JPC in their spot wallet to cover the transaction fee to receive the discount. The transaction fee will be charged at the original price if there is insufficient JPC in the wallet, 

By introducing this new feature, our platform aims to expand the potential applications of JPC, strengthen its influence, and take the next step towards integrating online and offline blockchains.

JPEX reserves all rights to this announcement, including but not limited to the right to adjust, interpret, and terminate this message without further notice.

Thank You for Your Support!

July 3, 2023