JPEX Alliance share excellent activities

In 2022, the platform will launch a partnership program. During this period, the platform has received many applications, and among them, there are very good regional events that are being held in Hong Kong, China, and now we will share them together.

To promote the JPEX platform and NFT for the local area, the partners built the first boring ape restaurant in Asia, Bored Garden, with the theme of NFT BAYC.

Bored Garden
71 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Details of the event: Anyone who holds JPEX Coin (JPC) can apply for a 35% off discount membership card from August 21 to 27, 2022. Membership card holders can exchange USDT at preferential exchange rates on August 26 and 27.

Instagram (@BoredGarden)
Twitter (@BoredGardenHK)

The restaurant is located in Wellington Street, Central, a high-end area of ​​Hong Kong. The entire restaurant, from the decoration, food menu to snack packaging, is all designed by the JPEX design department and its partners. opening ceremony.

JPEX has always been committed to promoting the cryptocurrency and blockchain related industries. The promotion concept and policy of Bored Garden’s partners are similar to those of the platform. On this platform, we wish Bored Garden’s business prosperity.

If you have better ideas to promote for JPEX and the cryptocurrency industry, please apply as a JPEX alliance immediately, and we can provide you with fully support!

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