JPEX Charitable Foundation promotes stray animal rescue program “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

Dear JPEX users,

Following our collaboration with the global ambassador for animal protection, “Stray Animals Protection Association,” JPEX cryptocurrency exchange has expanded its focus to the Hong Kong region, bringing greater strength to the issue of animal rights.

Through our previous experience, we deeply understand the severity of the stray animal problem, and existing animal rescue organizations often face the challenge of insufficient data, making it difficult to effectively respond to the increasingly urgent situation.

In light of this, the JPEX Charitable Foundation is once again allocating some resources and partnering with the local Hong Kong animal welfare organization, Kelly Animals Shelter (KAS). We hope to contribute to the welfare of animals and assist KAS in providing shelter, treatment, and rehabilitation services for stray animals, and finding them new homes.

In addition to providing resources, we hope to bring out the key message of “Adopt, Don’t Shop,” to reduce the increase in stray animals due to malicious abandonment and to help find suitable homes and caregivers for them through adoption instead of purchase.

Through long-term action, we hope to raise awareness and response to the issue of stray animals and animal protection among all sectors of society. We will continue to promote relevant programs and lead the public in building awareness of animal rights, so that more people can join us in making greater contributions to animal welfare.

If you have any suggestions regarding this program, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your future participation!

Thank you for your support!

May 9, 2023


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