JPEX ETH 30%off Lucky Draw

The 2022 JPEX platform has achieved good results. The business in Southeast Asia and Europe has grown rapidly. The platform has decided to hold a 30% off Ethereum Lucky Draw to directly thank users for their continued support.

Activity Target: All accounts on the JPEX platform that have been passed KYC

Luck Draw Link:

1. Please log in to the JPEX platform website ( or JPEX app (available for download in the App Store or Google Play Store)
2. Click on the platform poster, and then it will automatically jump to the event page
3. Read the activity rules and click to agree
4. Click the lucky draw button
5. Finish

The platform provides a total of 500 Ether (ETH) with different discounts and quantities for platform users to redeem.

a). ETH x 50: 30% OFF 3 people
b). ETH x 1: 30% OFF 15 people
c). ETH x 1: 25% OFF total 45 people
d). ETH x 0.5: 25% OFF 60 people
e). ETH x 0.5: 20% OFF 40 people
f). ETH x 0.25: 20% OFF 60 people
g).ETH x 0.2: 15% OFF 75 people
h).ETH x 0.1: 15% OFF 200 people
i). ETH x 0.05: 10% OFF, 400 people
j). ETH x 0.05: 5% OFF, 1400 people
k). ETH x 0.025: 5%OFF, 4000 people

Register: 20/Jul/2022 12:00 – 26/Jul/2022 11:59(GMT+8)
Announcement: 26/Jul/2022 12:30 (GMT+8)
Exchange: 26/Jul/2022 – 2/Aug/2022 23:59 (GMT+8)

Users can click on the event poster within 7 days to redeem the prize discount at the price of their choice.

Within seven days, users can redeem at the market price, and redeem prizes in the spot wallet according to the page requirements and prepare the corresponding equivalent USDT.

Activity reminder
*Registered users must pass platform identity authentication
*You cannot reapply for redemption after the redemption period
*The product is irreversible after the redemption is successful

The winning users will be notified by the system via SMS or email.
Those who win the lottery but fail to redeem the lottery place will be regarded as giving up.

JPEX reserves the right to disqualify users who use malicious behaviors for profit, including opening multiple accounts to obtain additional bonuses and other behaviors involving illegal, fraudulent or harmful effects. The platform has the final decision and right of interpretation


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