JPEX global recruitment Second round

Since the launch of its Global Promotion Ambassador Programme, JPEX has attracted a substantially large number of cryptocurrency talents and blockchain companies to join the JPEX family.

At such short notice since June, JPEX has been contrived successfully in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Australia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. In the Philippines, the program has brought in many local blockchain companies and hosted over 100 KOLs and blockchain companies at a large offline event in August.

In Hong Kong, BoredGarden, Asia’s first bored ape restaurant to feature the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT IP, became a part of JPEX in August.

This is a conspicuous breakthrough for JPEX, as the project achieved foundational success. In view of this, JPEX is once again recruiting elite blockchain professionals from around the world.

By becoming a JPEX global marketing ambassador, you will receive the following additional benefits!

– Extra discount on the account transaction fee

– Priority access to platform events

– Additional allowance for promotional ambassadors

– Australian Flagship Store Visit Grant

If you have any ideas and plans, you are welcome to send your proposal and personal/company qualifications to [email protected] or TG: JPEX_Promo. If your project is accepted, we will contact you!


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