JPEX is About to launch a Copy Trading Feature

We are trying to find the most direct win-win solution for our users by building a win-win situation. 

Under the current crypto climate where market volatility is at an all-time high (ATH), millions of novice and beginner traders are losing a significant part of their hard-earned money. 

Many are unhappy with this scenario since crypto is supposed to be an avenue for the creation of passive income. 

This is the reason why JPEX is adding a copy trading feature so that unsophisticated traders and investors (those who do not conduct any fundamental or technical analysis) will be able to make a decent profit by following the trading activities of experts (professionals). 

Through this scenario, a win-win situation will be created for professionals as well as novice traders and investors. 

Introduction to Copy Trading

Copy Trading in the digital assets market means that newcomers to the crypto sector can follow a carefully selected number of expert (professional) traders who have a relatively better percentage in terms of gains by copying their trades so that they can also make decent returns within a period. Under this, JPEX has lined up Documentary Copy Trading and Fixed Margin Copy Trading

Introduction to Documentary Trading 

Documentary Trading as the name suggests means traders can observe and follow multiple professional traders. If the trader is satisfied with the trading activities of professionals, the trader can COPY the trading behavior of professionals which can be automatically synchronized (trades will occur at the same time at the same rate) to achieve profits and losses. As a result, followers (traders) will not need to manually operate open positions (Need to pre-set the Stop Loss and Take Profit before ). 

A great example of a win-win situation in documentary copy trading is where a trader follows the trading behavior of a professional and the trade results in a profit. The professional can receive 10% of the follower’s trades as payment for their intellectual ability to make the right trades.   

Introduction to Fixed Margin Copy Trading 

Unlike documentary copy trading, fixed-margin copying is limited to following the trader’s JPEX contract account. Fixed margin copy trading only follows the order signal of the trader’s isolated position mode. Fixed margin copying allows followers to trade independently. 

Example: Suppose a follower sets a single principal of 10 USDT, and the trader buys and opens long BTC/USDT at the same time, no matter what the ratio of the trader’s order principal/account assets is, the system will help the user to place an order with 10 USDT Gold buys long BTC/USDT, and the current position in the USDT standard contract is directly displayed after the transaction.

JPEX has been improving the trading system of all our platforms so that users can get high-quality trading services from a well-regulated environment. 

JPEX has been listening attentively and will continue to push the right products for our customers. 


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