JPEX Launchpad Live

In order to meet the rapid development of the platform. The platform will soon launch the Launchpad function

The Launchpad function is mainly for platform users to screen relevant projects that are intended to be listed on the JPEX platform and then subscribe by lottery, can effectively build a better ecosystem for users, project parties and platforms

How to get involved
– The user must pass the platform KYC
– Users can purchase or draw lots with USDT
– The limit for each option is based on the project party’s requirements
– After submitting the lottery request, the funds will be displayed as “frozen” in the spot wallet
– When the lottery application period is over, the lottery will be held, and the system will automatically issue new tokens to the user’s spot wallet, and there is no winner. The participating funds will also be automatically returned to the “spot wallet”

The platform will strive to search for high-quality projects for users
If you have any related questions, you can directly contact the platform customer service


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