“JPEX List Matic Network (MATIC)”

“JPEX launches on Matic Network (MATIC)”

To JPEX users,

We will open trading MATIC/USDT at 21:00 on the 15th day of October of 2021, Tokyo time. The deposit and withdrawal time will be notified separately, so stay tuned.


The mission of Matic Network is to use our 2-layer expansion solution to promote large-scale applications using decentralization, scalability and security, and to use side chains for off-chain computing to achieve this, while using the Plasma framework and decentralization. A centralized Pos validator network to ensure asset security of Matic strives to solve the scalability and usability issues of the blockchain ecosystem, while not compromising to decentralize and utilize existing development communities and ecosystems. MaticNetwork relies on a more powerful framework to promote #2 higher transaction throughput. Currently, Matic is providing blockchain developers to build world-class Dapps across multiple industries (such as decentralized finance, games, enterprise software, etc.) The required resources. MaticNetwork aims to solve the above problems and provide a layer 2 scaling solution, by using sidechains for offline calculations, while using the Plasma framework and the decentralized Proof-of-Stake (Pos) validator to ensure asset security and achieve scale . Matic will become the de facto platform for developers to deploy and run decentralized applications.

The JPEX team has been listening attentively and serving you.

Sincerely, JPEX team

15th Oct 2021


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