JPEX partnered with Global Ambassadors to promote stray animal rescue program

Dear JPEX User,

We are pleased to announce that JPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange has teamed up with our Global Ambassador, Stray Animal Rescue Association, to help salvage stray animals and make a difference in our society.

In recent years, the problem of stray animals has become increasingly serious around the world, and animal protection organizations have limited resources to deal with the growing number of stray animals. We are aware of the urgent need to solve the problem of stray animals, and to take action for animal welfare, JPEX Crypto Currency Exchange deliberately participates in stray animal rescue to make contributions to society and joins hands with the Global Ambassador “Stray Animal Rescue Association” to launch a stray animal rescue program, hoping to provide a contribution to animal protection organizations and alleviate the global animal protection crisis.

In this sponsorship programme, we have donated to the Stray Animal Rescue Association, a stray animal rescue organisation in Taiwan, to provide more resources to help them better deal with stray animal issues, including building homes for stray animals, feeding stray animals, assisting in environmental rehabilitation and providing related equipment to improve the living environment of stray animals in general. We believe that only through long-term efforts and support in raising public awareness of animal welfare can we truly help these stray animals.

We hope that through this initiative, more people will become aware of and respond to the issue of stray animals so that more people can participate in animal protection and protect animal rights together. JPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange will continue to promote this project and be committed to solving global animal protection issues, making more contributions to animal welfare, and creating a win-win future.

If you have any suggestions for this project, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your support and participation, thank you!

The Event is located at the Mother Zhou Dog station of the Kaohsiung City Stray Animal Rescue Station.

Thank you for your support!



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