JPEX Registered Lithuanian successfully

JPEX Crypto Platform (JPEX) announced that they had obtained the registration license of Lithuanian cryptocurrency exchange and wallet operator, which regarding as another step in globalization.

JPEX understands that it is imperative to obtain a cryptocurrency exchange license in various countries. Therefore they derived a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet operator registration license from Lithuania, where JPEX can provide cryptocurrency-related services.

Lithuania is one of the few European Union, and European Economic Area (EU/EEA) member states that currently have a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) mandate. As a recognized traditional financial jurisdiction for payments and e-money licensing in Europe, Lithuania also offers transparent and cost-effective licensing of cryptocurrencies.

To enter the European market, the legal license of Lithuania has become an important matter. JPEX is also setting up base for global operations in Lithuania to seed new talent and build a vibrant blockchain ecosystem, and preparing to provide services for European cryptocurrency investors.

You can query through Lithuanian REGISTRU
CENTRAS link for JPEX ( JP-EX CRYPTO ASSET PLATFORM UAB ) license information.

Registration Code: 306020646


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