JPEX Special Announcement 20230916

Dear JPEX Users,

Thank you for your support and patience towards JPEX. Since the announcement of the Emergency Priority Withdrawal Application Form, we have received numerous requests from users. Our dedicated team has been working hard to prioritize these requests, aiming to expedite the approval, consolidation, and processing of relevant data and documents. We hope to assist users with urgent needs promptly and enable them to carry out priority withdrawals, even in challenging times.

At present, our dedicated team has preliminarily processed the received information and begun to assist with withdrawals sequentially. This process is being implemented with the original withdrawal fees for some users as a priority. The team will continue to work tirelessly to fulfill the urgent withdrawal needs of our users.

We understand the concerns you may have about the current situation. However, please rest assured that we are actively studying solutions and seeking the most suitable and cautious arrangements for our users, with an announcement to be made as soon as possible.

JPEX hereby promises that we will continue to operate steadfastly and will not cease operation due to these challenges!

September 16, 2023