JPEX x “Platinum Parallel Metaverse” Reached a Strategic Partner !

Dear JPEX users,

We are delighted to announce that JPEX, an international cryptocurrency trading platform, has formed a strategic partnership with the Hong Kong-based start-up, Platinum Parallel Metaverse. This collaboration attests to JPEX’s endorsement of Web3 technology and its potential, and distinctly illustrates our commitment to support Web3 start-ups in the Asia region.

This partnership propels the digital financial sector in Hong Kong, a region abundant with financial knowledge and technical acumen. As the wave of Web3 technology sweeps across, many start-ups are seeking financial and technical support. The partnership between JPEX and Platinum Parallel Metaverse will inject more resources and technology into the local digital finance ecosystem, driving the development and application of blockchain technology worldwide.

Collaborating with Platinum Parallel Metaverse not only supports the local start-up scene but also highlights JPEX’s determination to enhance Hong Kong’s leading position in the global digital financial landscape. As interest in Web3 technology grows amongst global financial institutions and enterprises, JPEX is devoted to supporting the region’s rise as an international hub for blockchain and digital currencies through strategic partnerships like this one, thereby pouring more resources and technology into the digital financial ecosystem of Hong Kong.

Platinum Parallel Metaverse is dedicated to utilising its unique technology and strategy to explore and advance the technology and development of Web3.0. JPEX’s support provides this start-up with more resources, technical support, and market recognition.

Beyond focusing on our own business growth, JPEX carries a broader vision and mission, committed to propelling the further development of the cryptocurrency industry.

Please stay tuned for more partnership announcements with other relevant enterprises and companies in the market. We continue to work towards our goal of promoting the blockchain market and the digital financial ecosystem.

Thanks for your support!

Aug 13, 2023


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