JPEX x Western Sydney Wanderers crypto-themed advertisement

JPEX is once again partnering with Wanderers FC to launch a crypto-themed ad!

Wanderers FCs’ earlier partnership with JPEX includes: Free live viewing of Wanderers FC football matches and the NFT J-BALL souvenir. This time we bring another thrilling experience to you.

JPEX and Wanderers FC bring the common phrases “HODL” & “TO THE MOON” from the cryptocurrency world into the football world, audiences outside the crypto world could also assimilate the cryptocurrency culture from the ad. JPEX forged ahead and made a subliminal breakthrough in the promotion of cryptocurrency.

Now we bring you the following two short videos, “HODL” and “TO THE MOON”



There will be more enthralling experiences coming ahead. Let’s brave the wind and the billows with us!


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