JPEX’s Chinese Name “「綠石數字資產平台」” Officially Unveiled and Launched in Daylight Mode

Dear JPEX users,

To cater for the needs of the Asian market, especially, the Greater China Region, we are pleased to announce the official Chinese name of JPEX Crypto Exchange. Based on the Chinese Name “綠石” which is translated into English as Jade Pumice, we would like to introduce the “綠石數字資產平台”.  

“綠石數字資產平台”, as the Chinese brand name of JP-EX, represents a specific meaning.

  • High Quality and Precious Value: Green gemstones in nature such as emeralds, emeralds & turquoises are produced in relatively small quantities. They often require complex excavation and processing so their preciousness and scarcity endow them with a high degree of value.  Same as JPEX Crypto Platform, we are committed to providing high-quality transactional services of valuable digital assets. JPEX provides users with a reliable trading platform through strict audit and compliance processes, enabling them to invest in the cryptocurrency market with potential value-added opportunities.
  • Innovative Reliability: Green symbolizes innovation and sustainable development, and the team is constantly committed to promoting innovation in the blockchain and digital asset industries. They provide a variety of trading tools and services to meet the needs of different users, actively explore new technologies and application scenarios, and continue to explore more innovative solutions for sustainable development in the field of encrypted financial technology.  Jade Pumice also symbolizes a kind of durable resilience. “JPEX Crypto Platform” attaches great importance to the security of users’ assets and is committed to protecting the security of users’ funds. It adopts multiple security levels and prudent risk control measures to protect customer funds. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about the necessary safeguards in place against potential risks.

The official debut of JPEX’s Chinese name  “綠石數字資產平台” represents the expansion of its global influence. It is committed to expanding its business on a global scale. By providing users with multilingual support and localization services, it will create a globalized digital asset trading platform. We pay attention to user experience and strive to provide a simple, efficient and friendly trading environment. “綠石數字資產平台” regards teamwork as an important guiding principle. Regardless of whether team members come from different nationalities, cultures or backgrounds, they can work together to achieve the company’s common goals and promote the globalization and popularization of digital assets.

JPEX Crypto Platform always puts user needs first and actively listens to their feedback and suggestions. The concept of user-centeredness is the core value of us. So we are pleased to introduce to you a new version of JPEX Crypto Platform – the Daylight Mode. The Daylight Mode will allow users to experience a more refreshing and comfortable visual experience during transactions. To meet the different needs of users, they can freely switch between Daylight and Night Mode, and choose the most suitable interface style for them.

Thank you for your support!


May 16, 2023


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