JPP Concept Derivative Live

Dear JPEX users,

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of JPC’s launch, we will be introducing an innovative JPP concept Derivative, which will officially launch on August 3, 2023 at 16:00 GMT+8.

The JPP concept Derivative is different from a typical Derivative, as it is not based on the spot trading of cryptocurrencies, but rather it is based on the JPP token, which is a token used in an upcoming metaverse game, as a predictive indicator of its market price before its spot trading is launched.

The details of the JPP concept Derivative are as follows:

Product Name: JPP FUTURE / USDT Derivative Trading Pair
Maximum Leverage: 10
Margin Calculation: One-time settlement at the time of order placement
Settlement Currency: USDT
Pricing Unit: USDT
Maximum Position Limit: 50,000 USDT (including multiples)
Trading Fee: 0.1% x Leverage
Trading Hours: 7X24 Hours
Settlement Time: Real-time settlement

The JPP concept Derivative will end before the JPP spot trading is launched. Users can trade JPP Derivative after the JPP concept Derivative ends. The platform will announce the specific end time 30 days before the end of the JPP concept Derivative, and users can close their positions early to avoid risks due to price fluctuations.

Please note that the platform may adjust the above parameters at any time to ensure the safety of user assets based on market fluctuations and risk situations. Please refer to the real-time parameters in the trading market at that time.

Thank you for your support!

August 2, 2023


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