JPP EARN function Upgrade!

Dear JPEX Users,

Thank you for your consistent support of JPEX. We are pleased to announce that we will be conducting a significant upgrade to JPP EARN, providing more flexible operation choices.

JPP EARN is a specially designed feature where users can earn JPP by staking JPC. In the current version, users have to lock their staked JPC for 108 days to receive the corresponding JPP.

Following this upgrade, we will add a user-friendly feature. During the 108-day staking event, users will have the option to cancel their stake. We hope this change will allow users to have more freedom in managing their assets.

However, we must remind all users that once you choose to cancel your stake, the platform will unlock it after seven days. This means you will have to wait for seven days to retrieve your JPC, and once you choose to cancel, you will not receive any JPP rewards.

Please assess your needs before cancelling the JPP Earn operation. Once cancelled, the platform will not be able to revert the operation for you.

Thank you for your support!

Aug 14, 2023


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