Julian Cheung has become JPEX Hong Kong Brand Ambassador

To platform users:

JPEX is proud to announce that Asian film and television superstar Julian Cheung will soon be the JPEX Hong Kong District brand ambassador.

In the past year, the platform business has developed well, and we are actively establishing operations around the world, and our business is about to enter Dubai.

The world’s first physical NFT R&D headquarters established in Australia also opened this year.

The licenses of the United States, Australia and Canada have been renewed, and the virtual asset service provider license has been successfully applied for in Lithuania.

Australia’s first sports NFT with Australian team Western Sydney Wanderers – JBALL.

Cooperated with Asia’s first NFT index agency to launch the world’s first NFT production and composite index contract.

In the future, the platform will continue to expand its business to the world and provide global users with a high-quality trading experience.


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