Meta CEO uploads Metaverse selfie, minimalist style arouses doubt | JPEX

To celebrate the launch of Meta’s Metaverse Horizon World in France and Spain, founder Mark Zuckerberg specially shared a selfie of his virtual avatar. Unexpectedly, the simple style of painting made netizens feel strange, and his Metaverse plan was also questioned.

Meta CEO uploads Metaverse selfie, minimalist style arouses doubts

Facebook officially changed its name to “Meta” in October 2021, determined to gradually transform the company’s existing business into the Metaverse. As Meta’s first large-scale metaverse project, Horizon Worlds has attracted more than 300,000 user registrations and was officially launched in France and Spain in August this year, reaching a new milestone.

First exposure of Metaverse selfie, netizens ridiculed

To celebrate the further expansion of Horizon Worlds’ business into the European market, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg uploaded a selfie of his virtual avatar on Facebook, with the Eiffel Tower in France, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain and some mountain landscapes in the background.

The exposure of the Metaverse screen should have been a beautiful event, but the unnatural body movements, empty eyes, rough background, etc. of the characters in the selfie have greatly disappointed many netizens. Cost game production, nothing like a virtual world that cost $10 billion to build.

Zuckerberg uploads a new avatar in response to doubts and promises to continue to improve

Seeing that the discussion about Horizon Worlds on the Internet is getting more and more intense, Mark Zuckerberg decided to “speak with pictures”, uploading more delicate selfies and screenshots of the metaverse, with the text “The pictures uploaded earlier this week are very interesting. The original version – this was snapped up to celebrate Horizon Wrolds’ foray into Europe.”

Mark Zuckerberg also promised a major update on the composition and avatars of the metaverse, and even threatened to wear the “Quest Pro” VR device with a better overall look and feel experience.

Quest Pro is a VR headset independently developed by Meta, which can convert the user’s head and hand movements into real-time animation. Meta plans to introduce the function of eye and expression tracking this year to bring users a more realistic experience.