PEPE Sticker design competition

Hey there, fellow Pepe lovers!

Are you ready to show off your Pepe-tastic design skills? We’ve got an exciting Pepe Sticker Design Contest happening, and if your design gets picked, it’ll be featured in the JPEX Discord community. How cool is that?

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

1. Design a Pepe sticker that’s related to JPEX. Think Jpc, Jpp, Yami, and other JPEX-related themes combined with Pepe.

2. Your sticker design must feature both Jpc and Pepe. Don’t forget!

Now, let’s get to the fun part: How to Participate!

1. Fill out the form and upload your design to your Instagram stories from today to 6th June. Be sure to give it your own Pepe flair!

2. Tag the official JPEX account <@JPEX_official> in your story. We want to see it, too!

3. Tag two of your Pepe-loving friends in your story. Spread the Pepe love!

4. Head to the Google form in the Discord navigation bar, upload a screenshot of your Instagram story, and fill in your deets.

Now, for the best part: The Rewards!

1. We’ve got 20 prizes worth 100u Pepe Coin each up for grabs, waiting for the most Pepe-tacular designs out there!

2. The selected Pepe Sticker will be used in the JPEX Discord community. You’ll be a part of Pepe history!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s finish all the steps above and fill out the form in the link below to join the contest!

Get your creative juices flowing, and let’s see those Pepe designs! We’ll be announcing the winners by notice before June 10, 2023. Good luck, Pepe pals!


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