Platform Special Announcement

Platform Special Announcement

Regarding the recent inquiries received by the platform about the emendation of some regional policies, we would like to clarify that the relevant emendations do not cover the licenses obtained by the platform, and the local regional policies will not affect the operation of JPEX.

JPEX has different operating licenses all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Lithuania and Australia, etc. Currently, the operating points are set up in Dubai and Lithuania, and corresponding departments are set up in different countries to superintend for various positions, including the JPEX (United States) is mainly for Strategic consultant, JPEX (Australia) is mainly for marketing, JPEX (Canada) is mainly for development route planning, we gather talents from different places to create a professional and safe virtual currency platform.

From May 2022 to present, the platform has been actively expanding to markets around the world

Register for a Lithuanian cryptocurrency license

United with Western Sydney Wanderers to launch NFT souvenirs

Singapore Blockchain Fest 2022 – JPEX Customized COOLBITX WALLET Distribution

Singapore Blockchain Exhibition CryptoExpo 2022 ASIA

The platform is now actively developing in the international market and is currently focusing on the development of the Dubai market

JPEX will hold the following events in the coming quarters of 2022:

August 2022 – Manila, Philippines hosts a 10,000-person summit hosted by JPEX

September 2022 — Blockchain Technology Exhibition in New Delhi, India

October 2022 — Dubai Blockchain Exhibition to promote the JPEX platform to the world

The platform will continue to strive to provide high-quality services to all users, and we would also like to thank the platform users for their continued support
If you have any questions, please contact the platform customer service

JPEX has been listening attentively and focusing on users


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