Prevent Phishing Attacks Notice

Prevent Phishing Attacks Notice

Recently, it was discovered that some illegal organizations/websites plagiarized JPEX’s web pages for illegal sales. Such phishing pages are faked as the company’s, claiming to offer customers a channel for cryptocurrency transactions and asking customers to pay on the site.

In view of this, JP-EX CRYPTO ASSET PLATFORM PTY LTD (JPEX) hereby reminds all customers that our company is not affiliated with these fake websites, please beware of fraudulent emails or illegal sales claiming to be sent by these fake companies, and avoid browsing fake websites , so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

The fake website even more deliberately falsely states that the website is for exclusive use in China, and hereby solemnly declares that is the only official website of the platform, please be careful.

Please also note that the official website of the official certification is:, please pay attention to whether the domain name is the same before browsing this website.

At the same time, JPEX solemnly declares: JPEX is not responsible for any loss related to this fake website. At the same time, JPEX reminds relevant agencies to immediately stop the infringement and fraud, and the group reserves the right to take further legal actions.

User is less secure from phishing websites when using search engine referrals, browser plugins/extensions, third party or invalid applications. Clicking the URL link may result in leaking your personal information and potential loss of assets.
Please be aware of the fake website links and never disclose your credentials.


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