Pump & Dump 45s Game

Hello Everyone! Today we will learn how to use our Game Center program: Pump and Dump. This blog will discuss the methods to win awards from the game, hope you will get to learn and enjoy!

We are continuing our game called the Pump & Dump where traders can earn quickly through watching the movements of bluechip markets. Seeing this as an opportunity for traders to earn through our Pump & Dump game, we are thrilled to share an insight to how you can start. You will be able to find this program by logging onto our website and clicking on ‘Game Center’ then to find “PUMP & DUMP 45S BTC” or “PUMP & DUMP 45S ETH”. 

You do not need to worry about whether its hard to play, or if there are any tricks to winning. It is not too difficult to get rewards, so continue reading to learn how it works!

Pump & Dump – The Best Crypto Game ever!!

This may be the type of game that has not been launched in the blockchain industry, as a great introductory crypto-trading game for investors that want to have a foot in earning through scalp trading. 


You can play Pump & Dump on both the website (desktop) and on app (mobile), and find the download links at the end of this blog. 


Your screen should portray a fluctuating line moving upwards in green and downwards in red, which shows how it’s priced at that particular moment in the crypto markets.

Depending on the movements of the charts, you’ll be deciding whether the direction is bullish (upwards) or bearish (downwards) as you press “pump” or “dump” accordingly, after a waiting period of 45 seconds.

How to Start!

  1. Visit and Log in to https://jp-ex.io/en/home 
  2. Make sure you have a small amount of funds in your jpex wallet. You can check it here: https://jp-ex.io/en/assets 
  3. Once you have successfully added funds, click on “Game Center” on the top of your screen. 
  4. Choose your choice of crypto coin, between either “Pump & Dump BTC 45s” or “Pump & Dump ETH 45s”.
  5. Once you see the movement of the charts, you can click on how much USDT to pump or dump into the trade and push between “pump” or “dump” accordingly. 
  6. Wait for 45s before you decide on your next move.
  7. Repeat the process of 6-7.
  8. Hold your trade, when the lines don’t fluctuate too much, and make sure you don’t rush into the trade. 
  9. If you are losing or winning 10 bets or above, I strongly advise you to pause for a while if there’s no undulating lines, in order to calm yourself down for the next bet.

Remember to pace yourself between trades even if it’s hard to make the right trade the next. Luck won’t come by all the time!

Thank you for reading this blog, hope it was able to clarify the gameplay! Enjoy the game!
If you have any enquiries, you may connect with us through our social media channels and read through our blogs for further information. 


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