RainbowBaby Community Events Unlocked

JPEX Community Gift Pack
JPEX Discord Community users will be able to claim their JPEX Entry Pack when they become “Red” level in Discord, requisitions will be open on 1 November at 8pm (GMT+8) until 30 November.

JPEX Rainbow Bridge Level Awards
The JPEX Rainbow Bridge is divided into seven levels – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple – and users are graded according to their contribution to the community.

Users with RBB NFTs and linked NFTs to Discord will be able to participate in a regular RBB tiered lucky draw and various community events, with the first draw starting on 1 November.

Users who reach Red level will receive one additional draw entry, those who reach Orange level will receive two additional draw entries, and so on. In other words, if a user holds RBB NFT and has reached Red level, the user will have a total of two lucky draw entries, and if he/she has reached Orange level, he/she will have a total of three lucky draw entries.


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