Security Policy

JPEX (the “Company”) recognizes the importance of safeguarding the information assets entrusted to the Company by its customers and partners as well as the information assets owned by the Company, and complies with laws, ordinances and regulations on the safeguarding of information assets, so as to prove that the Company is worthy of the trust of the customers and partners, improve the quality of the services which the Company provides and continue the Company’s business operations in a stable manner, by actively implementing information security measures to protect information assets.

Definition of information assets

Within this basic policy, information assets refer to the information entrusted to the Company by its customers and partners as well as confidential information owned by the Company that is stored in various storage media or documents, as well as the hardware, software and networks that comprise the Company’s information systems.

Information security management structure

In order to ensure that information assets are appropriately used for purposes for which they have been acquired or entrusted to the Company and that they are safeguarded from unauthorized access, loss, forgery, leakage, etc., the Company establishes and operates the following management structure.

The Information asset manager is appointed to safeguard and appropriately manage information assets.

Education and training on information security is periodically provided to the employees of the Company and relevant third parties in order to improve their information security literacy and to manage information assets in an appropriate manner.


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