Special Annoucement 20230920 (1)

We deeply regret to inform you of the recent challenges our platform has encountered. The telecommunications service providers in the Hong Kong region, at the request of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), have unreasonably blocked our mobile application and official website.

Since September 13, 2023, the SFC has suddenly made a series of accusations against our platform’s operating model and promotional methods, which we vehemently resent as they were made without investigation or review. The SFC has repeatedly denied our platform’s attempts at communication and, now, even ordered the telecom providers to block our website, which undoubtedly exposes their prejudice and unfair treatment towards our platform.

We have always strived to comply with regulations in all regions and continuously update our related products, including the removal of the game lobby and suspension of financial products, all in an effort to provide users with a quality trading environment. We have always hoped to hold rational consultations and communications with the SFC, but regrettably, our repeated efforts to seek guidance and ask questions have often been dismissed or sidestepped with official rhetoric by the SFC.

Here, we strongly reiterate that, even in the face of such oppression and unfair treatment, our platform will continue to operate as usual. Users can log into our mobile application or operate on our web version using VPN applications like Surfshark (https://surfshark.com). We will continue to uphold our responsibility and provide full-fledged services to all users.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We will continue to provide you with quality services and work hard to resolve the current issues.