Special Announcement Regarding the Smart Contract Disputes of  “2023 The Cage Boxing – Finals” 

Dear JPEX users,

Regarding the recent disputes surrounding the smart contract and prize money for the “2023 The Cage Boxing – Finals,” the platform would like to issue the following statement:

The organizer has already deposited the funds pertaining to the prize money for the “2023 The Cage Boxing – Finals” into the platform’s designated account.

As the funds were initially deposited on the TRON network, and the associated smart contract address resides on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC), the platform is required to provide technical support to facilitate the transfer of funds to the corresponding smart contract for prize money disbursement.

Please note that the platform’s role is limited to supplying the smart contract address and facilitating the transfer of related assets.

Thank You for Your Support!

July 6, 2023


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