【Taiwan Exclusive】Join the citywide search for JPEX

Dear JPEX users,

Join the citywide search for JPEX Bus Ads of “The Cage Boxing Final 2023” Boxing Match in Taiwan! Get limited edition of JPEX gift set!

Campaign Period: Present -July 5th, 2023 

  1. Take photo of JPEX bus ads and upload to your Instagram story.
  2. Tag the official JPEX account @jpex_official and Chinese account @jpex_official.asia in your Instagram story.
  3. Go to the Google Form of the regarding campaign post on Instagram
    https://forms.gle/ATa1rkuWEo1TqdPw5 Fill out the required information and upload your instagram story screenshot to get your JPEX Premium Gift Set
    *The list of 20 winners is expected to be announced before 31/7/2023 on JPEX official announcement.

Thank you for your support!

June 26, 2023


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