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In just 10 years, the price of Bitcoin has increased by as much as 13.8 million times, which not only attracted a large number of investors, but also led to the rise of many cryptocurrency companies, creating one billionaire after another.

The 2022 Global Rich List is out! 19 people became billionaires with Bitcoin

According to Forbes’ latest “Global Rich List”, a total of 19 billionaires have made their fortunes by investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in 2022, seven more than in previous years.

The newly rich include the founders of Web3 infrastructure company Alchemy, NFT trading platform OpenSea and cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX. The three most valuable billionaires are all founders of cryptocurrency exchanges: Changpeng Zhao (Binance), Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX) and Brian Armstrong (Coinbase).

2022 Crypto Rich List

 Crypto millionaireMain source of wealthTotal Assets (US$)
1趙長鵬Open a cryptocurrency exchange65 billion
2Sam Bankman-FriedOpen a cryptocurrency exchange24 billion
3Brian ArmstrongOpen a cryptocurrency exchange6.6 billion
4Gary WangOpen a cryptocurrency exchange5.9 billion
5Chris LarsenDevelop cryptocurrency4.3 billion
6Cameron WinklevossInvest in Bitcoin4 billion
7Tyler WinklevossInvest in Bitcoin4 billion
8Son Chi-hyungOpen a cryptocurrency exchange3.7 billion
9Barry SilbertInvest in blockchain-related innovations3.2 billion
10Jed McCalebDevelop cryptocurrency2.5 billion
11Nikhil ViswanathanInvest in blockchain-related innovations2.4 billion
12Joseph LauInvest in blockchain-related innovations2.4 billion
13Devin FinzerOpen NFT trading platform2.2 billion
14Alex AtallahOpen NFT trading platform2.2 billion
15Fred EhrsamOpen a cryptocurrency exchange2.1 billion
16Kim Hyoung-nyonOpen a cryptocurrency exchange1.9 billion
17Michael SaylorInvest in Bitcoin1.6 billion
18Mathhew RoszakInvest in Bitcoin1.4 billion
19Tim DraperInvest in Bitcoin1.2 billion

Can Bitcoin reach new highs?

Nine out of ten of the 19 cryptocurrency billionaires above got rich by holding and investing in Bitcoin.

Is it possible for Bitcoin to break new highs in the future?

The answer is yes.

Bitcoins are valuable because from the moment they are issued, their total number is limited to 21 million. A limited supply means Bitcoin is scarce and does not devalue the currency due to an infinite supply.

In other words, when the number of new bitcoins becomes less and less and the market demand continues to grow, bitcoins will become more and more “valuable”, driving the price of bitcoins to rise.

Although the market conditions in the currency circle have fluctuated slightly in recent days, judging from the trend over the years, it seems that Bitcoin can rebound and hit a new round of highs after a short-term market adjustment.

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone also said that as the market moves similar to that during the bear market trough in 2018, Bitcoin has the opportunity to see a bullish rebound in the second half of the year and enter an “epic bull market.”