“The Cage” – First-Ever Smart Contract in Boxing History

“The Cage” came to a successful conclusion on July 5, 2023. We would like to thank all the participants, on-site staff, and enthusiastic spectators for their support.

For the first time in history, this boxing match utilized a smart contract on the blockchain to distribute rewards to the boxers. It is the first-ever smart contract related to boxing worldwide. JPEX hopes that through this boxing event and the use of smart contracts, the application of blockchain technology can be promoted to more fields, truly integrating blockchain technology with daily life.

Introduction to the First-Ever Smart Contract in Boxing History – “The Cage”

  • The smart contract for this boxing match was developed and technically supported by JPEX Crypto Platform, using Ethereum smart contracts to lock in rewards for the winners. The contract decentralizes the confirmation of match results and distribution of rewards, ensuring fairness, transparency, and openness. This is the first time that a decentralized blockchain has been used to distribute real-world rewards in history.
  • The boxing match smart contract utilized Chainlink’s web3 oracle to confirm the results, then executed the reward distribution through the Ethereum smart contract. The process is entirely public, transparent, and not controlled by human hands.
  • The Chainlink Foundation, established in 2017, has focused on building a decentralized oracle network on Ethereum for years, offering secure and reliable decentralized applications. The smart contract for this boxing match used Chainlink’s oracle to ensure accurate execution of the results on Ethereum. Chainlink’s oracle offers high security, reliability, immutability, precise execution, and decentralized verification, fully meeting the reward requirements for this boxing match.
  • The smart contract for this boxing match was audited by Callisto Network, a security company with extensive experience in smart contract security audits. The largest stablecoin by market cap, Tether USDT’s smart contract, was also audited by Callisto Network. Callisto Network’s security audit ensures the safety, fairness, and effective execution of the smart contract for this boxing match.

Boxing contract address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x05acf259736fde4dccb952cda90099d8459654e2#code

Callisto Security Audit contract audit report:


Derek Cheung USDT Wallet: 0x24D8Bdc58D3BA69Fd4598CC0Dc8763bf9bB5F543

Kurtis Lau (Toyz) USDT wallet: 0xB43aBAb3fe4D288509f1aCA195096147dB7687D9

Contract locked USDT: 390,000 USDT

Contract unlock time: After 2023-07-05 21:00:00 Taiwan time

The platform hopes to not only bring a better trading experience to the entire market and more users worldwide in the future but also make greater contributions to the entire market.

Thank you for your support!

JPEX team
5th July 2023


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