The JPEX Global Ambassador recruitment campaign for 2022

The JPEX Global Ambassador recruitment campaign for 2022 has been a great success, thanks to the strenuous efforts of the Global Ambassadors to promote JPEX around the world. The newest ambassador campaign will be held on 22 November, The Crypto Donut Day, in collaboration with the Global Ambassadors and over 100 restaurants in the CBD area of Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, to bring RBB out of the Discord community and into reality for the first time, where RBB NFTs holders could get a free donut package. The response was as enthusiastic as ever.

JPEX is proud to see the positive impact of the Global Ambassador Recruitment Campaign and would like to upgrade the campaign and invite people with an online social community to join.

The upgrade of the recruitment campaign is designed for online community owners who have massive followers, and we hope that with the influence of the global ambassador, we can enhance the promotion of JPEX’s latest Aid fund to benefit more investors who were affected by the recent crypto doom. We will not be limited to any platform, as long as the successful application, depending on the number of followers and activeness, the amount of approved promotion funds can be up to 50,000 USDT. Details of the Aid fund can be found at the following website.

The pool of JPEX Aid Fund

The pool of JPEX Aid Fund II

If you are interested in becoming a global ambassador, you can submit your application and community proof via telegram (@JPEX_Promo) and we will contact you as soon as we receive your profile and will make arrangements for your case.


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