The Pool of JPEX Aid Fund follow-updates 20221114

To JPEX users and partners,

Since the application for the aid fund pool has been made public, the platform has received a large number of applications. In view of this, the platform has increased manpower processing and please fill in the form provided by us, and let us review the relevant information.

The pool of JPEX Aid Fund

Amount: 2,000,000 USDT (2 million USDT). This will be allocated by the JPEX Foundation.

Purpose: To partners affected by the FTX incident. 

Requirements: Users must have at least 25,000 USDT worth of assets trapped in the FTX ecosystem. 

How to apply: Complete the form below (Click HERE)

Amount of assistance: the maximum limit is 5000 USDT (this will be distributed to the user’s JPEX wallet in three installments).

JPEX understands the crypto market is still young and needs time to mature and that explains why FTX has followed other firms into bankruptcy. This is the reason why JPEX released its Proof of Reserve or Proof of Funds on Sunday, 13th November to allay the fears of our customers. This has proven our stability to our stakeholders. While FTX Token (FTT) was supported by more than 30 exchanges, many have turned a blind eye to the effects the token’s collapse has had on the fortunes of their customers. JPEX believes the Aid Fund Pool will go a long way to assist users who have lost their hard-earned money in the FTX project since they form a strong part of the exchange’s survival.

Therefore, we will continue to work hard to develop several crypto products that will help our users maximize potential earnings from the crypto market thanks to the growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 

As always, JPEX is here to support our users in bullish days and bearish seasons. 


JPEX Management Team


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